Chapter 3, Kinder Scout (subtitled)

For the 70th anniversary of the Peak District National Park – here is an evocative re-telling of the Peak Park’s creation story. From the world’s first water powered cotton spinning mill, to the Kinder Trespass, the creation of the UK’s first National Park, and the now vital battle to heal the moorlands.

Headphones recommended!

Chapter 2, Snow! (subtitled)

Will our stories of big winters be the stuff of folklore for our grandchildren? Or, are we due some heavy snowfalls? Join us for a magical, Peakland journey through the white stuff and beyond!  

Headphones recomended!

See vintage footage of Peak District winters, set to a musical snow poem. An extract from Chapter 2, Snow!

NB: For Subtitles hover cursor over video and press c/c

Chapter 1, Burning Drake (subtitled)

The story of forces underground that have shaped not just the landscape but also its people. Including the story of lead, how miners tracked and found lead through ancient methods such as plant lore and dowsing, and occasionally by spectacular means such as a ‘Burning Drake’ or shooting star.

Headphones recommended!

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