Inspired…one of the most accomplished performance poets in the land…drawing the audience into a world where things are not quite what they seem. The Guardian

I always stipulate that whoever is on with me hasn’t got to be any good. This one got past me… I don’t know how, but heads will roll! John Cooper Clarke

Astonishing… You’ll love this show! The Daily Mail

On this website you can find Mark’s latest collection Wordworms!, performances caught on film, audio recordings, publications and dates. Here too, with an all new show of poetry and music, is PsychicBread 

When resident poet for Regent’s Park and Primrose Hill, Mark explored what is meant by ‘common space’ in 21st century Britain. For one of the park poems recorded live at Ronnie Scott’s, see: Whose Common Now? 

And, now that plastic has finally made the news, here’s a poem Mark wrote 23 years ago, Plasticman. A poem that once had him thrown out of a Supermarket… (as filmed by Andy Lawrence)