Inspired…one of the most accomplished performance poets in the land…drawing the audience into a world where things are not quite what they seem. The Guardian

I always stipulate that whoever is on with me hasn’t got to be any good. This one got past me… I don’t know how, but heads will roll! John Cooper Clarke

Astonishing… You’ll love this show! The Daily Mail

On this website you can find Mark’s publications, performances caught on film, audio recordings, and dates. Here too, is the all new PsychicBread – a cabaret of poetry, song, and psychedelic folk. Our new single Dream Of The Purple Baby is out now. Watch the video here.

In Other News…

Chapter Three of Voices from the Peak – a journey through the Peak District in word and sound, is now available. On 13th April 2021, Samira Ahmed featured the work and interviewed Mark on BBC Radio 4’s Front Row. The series is also reviewed in The Times. Mark’s ‘audio odyssey‘ features the atmospheres, wildlife and stories of this strange and beautiful land of contrasts. And can be heard here and on the hugely popular Peak District National Park website

Voices From The Peak has just been recognised by the International Year Of Sound – a global initiative to highlight the importance of sound in all aspects of life.

On May 26th 2021, BBC One ‘Breakfast’ interviewed Mark on the newly named Seven Wonders of the UK. Click here to see feature.

This year is the 90th anniversary of Derbyshire Life magazine. To celebrate, the magazine commissioned Mark to write a prose-poem for the county. The new work, which follows the river the length of the county from its source on Bleaklow to Derwent Mouth at Shardlow – will appear in July/August’s special anniversary edition.

On the subject of all things Peak District, we also recommend Kate Chappell’s Hope Valley Journal. With stunning images and articles, every issue is a work of art, reflecting the sometimes wild beauty of this region. Issue One features an interview with Mark, and Issue Three his prose-poem, Snow.    

When resident poet for London’s Regent’s Park, Mark explored what is meant by ‘common ground’ in 21st century Britain. For one of the park poems recorded live at Ronnie Scott’s, see: Whose Common Now? 

And before leaving this home page, we’d like to feature a poem Mark wrote 25 years ago, Plasticman. A poem that once had him thrown out of a Supermarket… (as filmed by Andy Lawrence)

Choice cuts from the album In the light of this… 

Down the Boulevard (clip)

The Barbarous Shop 

Luminous Ignorance