Voices from the Peak

This is a work of rare quality as timeless as its subject. I’ve spent decades producing radio dramas and documentaries and my indisposition to what I hear currently is now – overturned. Bravo!  John Tams

The fascinating quest of the poet Mark Gwynne Jones…  The Times

Voices from the Peak features the atmospheres, wildlife and stories of this strange and beautiful region.

Chapter 1, Burning Drake, available to listen to or download now (see below) is a pilot for a series of audio-works leading up to the 70th anniversary of the Peak District National Park in 2021.

Chapter One – Burning Drake

In a sense it all comes from the earth… the energy and vibrancy of this land of contrasts…

The story of lead and mysterious elements underground that have shaped not just the landscape but also its people.

Listen via the National Park’s website: https://bit.ly/VoicesFromThePeak


Written and recorded by Mark Gwynne Jones

Produced by Paul Hopkinson

With music by PsychicBread; Dave Sturt; The Wyns Tor Singers; and Sjal.

Special thanks to Tom Marshall; Alison Riley; Alan Swain; Russell Sims; Jo ‘Spice’ Blackwood; John Tams; Dave Goodway; Nigel Christy; Gavin Repton; and John Barnatt.

Voices from the Peak is supported by Arts Council England and the Peak District National Park.

Further Information

Read the interview with Mark Gwynne Jones in Park Life. Check back here for future episodes in the series; and follow the story by joining Mark on Facebook.

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