Film Poems

Ringing For The Ghosts (Of Today)

When bellringer Hugo – gave Mark and filmmaker, Gavin Repton the keys to the tower, he told them that on no account were they to ring the bells. What could possibly go wrong?

Brand new film featuring the tower and bells of the ancient church of St Mary’s, Wirksworth.

The Landscape is Celluloid

By Tilt Spokenwd

Andy Postman’s ‘ABC of Insanity’

“This is about all the things you get called when you’re crazy!” Rare footage of the late, great Andy Postman who shares his ‘ABC of Insanity’. Much of this was shot on the hoof in the streets of Nottingham for the award winning film: ‘Insight in Mind’, with filmmaker Dan Saul and producer Penny Arnold. Their documentary offers an insight into the experience of manic depression or bi polar disorder. Though at the time we were just having fun! Here’s to Andy Postman (20/02/1955 – 05/10/2008) a poet, performer and wonderful craftsman who frightened some and inspired many.

13 Teeth (a preview)

A preview of 13 Teeth – a short film featuring a man who thinks the voices in his head are coming from his teeth. His quest to extract them leads to a shocking revelation. By Mike Futcher & Mark Gwynne Jones

Derbyshire in the blizzards of the 1930’s. Includes the story of one Mr Maycock who, during a snow storm insisted on going to The Gate in Tansley and never made it home. The piece is an extract from ‘Derbyshire On Film. Volume One – The Peak District’ produced by Andy Mckay (

The Message

The story of a boy unable to voice his dreams, a postman who glimpses another world and an old man who knows where the treasure’s buried. A short film by Andy Lawrence

Mark talks about The Message

Interviewed by Sheree Willis for Manchester TV

Alien Love

A film by Mark Gwynne Jones & Alex Steinitz

The Itch

Words and pictures from the English Peak District. This film was made in one day, using a cheap compact camera and iMovie… All the same, it’s best viewed Full Size. Film by Andy Lawrence

It’s Only Water…

Rain… Rain… Beautiful Rain! Why do they hate you so? Film by Andy Lawrence

Pickety Pockety Poems

Film by Andy Lawrence and Alex Steinitz