PsychicBread LtoR: MG Jones; Alex Ivanov; Nick the Hat; Anna Kerr (pic by Kev Ryan)

PsychicBread ~ New World Fayre
Featuring the surreal narratives of Mark Gwynne Jones (‘Inspired…’ The Guardian; ‘Astonishing…’ The Daily Mail), PsychicBread conjure a world of truth and illusion, monkey turning human, and the two lives of a girl called Amaryllis. Winners of four Festival Fringe Awards their performance draws on elements of storytelling, vaudeville and psychedelic-folk. It’s dramatic, funny and at times startlingly sensitive. For dates see Events

‘Billed as Spoken Word, this underplays the complexity of Mark’s unique genre. His stories are imaginatively enhanced by an evocative sound-track created by the music, percussion, and vocals of PsychicBread and the effect is spell-binding. Overall, this is a very rewarding, exotic experience, not to be missed.’ Sarah Jones 

‘My problem now is to review a performance that is quite indescribable in a way that can convey the fun, ferocity and flight of fancy that was Mark Gwynne Jones and PsychicBread. …the evening swung the audience round in dizzying circles that made you laugh, pause for thought then laugh again. You never quite knew what was coming next, what was true story or fantasy… and what sound would emerge from PsychicBread’s next configuration of instruments to explode over the audience like wild and exciting fireworks.’ Caroline Frith 

‘I’ll be the first to concede that this won’t be everyone’s cup of tea. It wasn’t mine, to start with. But by the end of the evening I was absorbed completely and could quite happily have listened for several more hours. So I guess it is my sort of thing, and I can’t imagine I’m going to see it done any better.’ Nick Butterley 

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