‘Drawing on an ancient tradition, these captivating and slightly mad, mind-altering poems tackle the complexities of our changing world with a beautiful and savage humour.’

This title came with a CD (now available as a download) of Mark in performance and accompanied by the PsychicBread band.

Writing for The Independent Martin Newell said of the collection: ‘Mark Gwynne Jones should be ruined with fame and money before he shows the rest of us up for the bunch of sissies we are. But if you don’t want the truth, don’t call a poet, at least not a real one.

And, in 2019, Hammer & Tongue (the UK’s premiere live poetry platform) wrote: ‘Mark’s poetry book/album ‘Psychicbread’ is (in our opinion) one of the best British spoken word albums made so far. Surrealist humour, and mad performances hide a poignancy and sensitivity that make him a genuinely great poet.’ 

Play Audio From the Book:

To download this recording, visit Route Online.

Psychicbread was 1st published in 2003 and reprinted in 2005.

Click here to order direct from Route

Other publications include: Wordworms! Lyric in Limestone / in the light of this…

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