Lyric in Limestone

Two tracks from a Lyric in Limestone (A Peak District collection recorded on location)

Psychicbread - The Overexposed

Psychicbread recording at the crash site of The Overexposed

The Overexposed – a B29 bomber that exploded in the High Peak. Clad in glossy aluminum and known as the ‘Superfortress’, B29’s were used to drop the bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The Overexposed was fitted as a reconnaissance plane and photographed atomic bombs exploding in the Bikini Atoll. Our recording reflects on the plane, the crash and how successive generations inherit the atomic legacy. PsychicBread recorded the poem in one take at the crash site near Bleaklow.

From the album Lyric in Limestone:


Psychicbread -John Thorne -cablecar-pic credit Charlie Jobson

Psychicbread – John Thorne in the cable cars, Matlock Bath. Pic credit: Charlie Jobson

The World Famous Inland Seaside Resort Of Matlock Bath 

Recorded in a cable car on its journey to the Heights of Abraham, Matlock Bath – this poem comes with a note on pronunciation:

“For those who say Matlock Barth / who never laugh but sometimes ‘larf’ / keep off the path and on the ‘parth’ / read books and maps through spectacles of ‘glarss’, / you confuse these words with words like scarf, park, fart, farce, / all of which are spelt with ‘R’. / Now, I don’t mean to teach English or Maths, / but if each letter counts – it’s Matlock Bath.”

From the album Lyric in Limestone:

Psychicbread -NicktheHat cablecar_Pic credit DBall

PsychicBread – Nick the Hat in the cable cars, Matlock Bath. Pic credit: DBall